Perspective art

Made from your picture

Interactive animation.
Click and hold on the image and move your mouse to rotate the perspective sculpture!

Interactive animation.

Tap and hold on the image and move your finger to rotate the perspective sculpture!

The concept

The concept behind my sculptures can be interpreted as "some things are always there, even if you don't see them".

It makes these sculptures very suitable for valuable personal memories that you always carry with you, even when you don't see them at the moment. Seen from the right perspective they are still there. 

How to order

1. Please read my tips for pictures here
2. Send me one or preferably three pictures
3. Receive my recommendation based on my experience
4. Purchase your sculpture
5. Receive an illustration of your sculpture within two weeks
6. Send me feedback or approval
7. Receive you sculpture within three weeks

Total turnaround time is within five weeks

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