✅ A4 Metal personalised family wall art

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✅ Metal wall art of a family.
✅ Free shipping.
✅ I'm a passionate, professional artist, not a company. Feel free to contact me and say hi!

✅ Delivered with screws and spacers, you can easily adjust the space between the artwork and the wall to your liking, the shadows are different in every location. 

✅ Different sizes available:
A4: 21 × 29.7 centimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches

Exact sizes will depend on your picture.

✅ Ordering process:

1. Purchase your sculpture
2. Send me one or preferably three pictures, aim for a high resolution and avoid shadows for the best results
3. Receive my recommendations on the chosen pictures
4. Confirm the picture that will be an artwork soon!
5. Receive an illustration of your artwork within two weeks
6. Send me feedback or approval on the illustration
7. Receive you sculpture within three weeks
8. Please give me feedback!

✅ Click here for more detailed information and to send your pictures or wait for my email!

✅ Total turnaround time is within five weeks