Customised sculptures

Made from your picture.

1. Perspective sculptures

Interactive animation.
Click and hold on the image and move your mouse to rotate the perspective sculpture!

Interactive animation.

Tap and hold on the image and move your finger to rotate the perspective sculpture!

How it works.

I make completely unique, high-detailed sculptures from a picture you send me. The final result is not a picture and not a conventional sculpture but a new category somewhere in between. Very much eye-catching and completely unique! Prices start al low as £95.

Perspective art turnaround.

Remco is a really nice guy, he helps you out with the picture and is very approachable.

Tjeerd Russ.

The nose, eyes and mouth are usually (depending on the picture) hanging in thin air. I choose to use transparent, (very) strong wire to precisely hang those features and stay true to the original picture. Connecting the eyes with the hairline in the design process (as can be seen with other artists) would jeopardize the original facial expression.

Ordering process

1. Send me one or preferably three pictures. Avoiding shadows and high resolution give the best results.
2. Receive my recommendation based on my experience within 3 days. I will let you know if a picture will make a nice, detailed sculpture or possibly give you the option of trying another picture. 
3. Purchase your sculpture on this website.
4. Receive an illustration of your sculpture within two weeks. I will finish the design and send you this design for feedback.
5. Send me feedback or approval. If you suggest a change I will change it before manufacturing the sculpture. 
6. Receive you sculpture within three weeks. I will physically make the sculpture, hand-paint stainless steel with specialised paint, attach any loose parts with transparent, long-lasting wire, use professional glue to assemble sculptures and ship the final sculpture to you. Shadow art will include painted screws and adjustable spacers for easy hanging with space between the wall and sculpture so the shadows can play.
7. Feedback and testimonials are greatly appreciated, I might ask you after a couple of weeks when the sculpture  has found a nice home.

Total turnaround time is within five weeks.

Please send your image here

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