Interactive animation

Click and hold on the image and move your mouse to rotate the sculpture!
360 View
360 View

Perspective sculptures

Custom made sculptures, personalized gifts and bespoke modern art.

The concept

The concept of what I create is a 3 dimensional sculpture based on your 2 dimensional picture. The sculpture exists of vertical elements, placed randomly depth-wise on a base. When looked at from the right angle, suddenly the image appears. The examples here provide more animations.

To enable this transition I use various techniques and processes that I have developed based on my 3-D skills, photo editing and sculpting competences . It starts with specialised photo editing to make a picture black and white without greytones. This is done by hand: some details should stay to maintain the original expression or emotion, others should go. Some details are drawn in. The next step is to technically prepare the image for actual production, which can be 3-D printing or laser-cutting. Material and sizes to be used can vary.

The result will be a unique, personal and affordable piece of art, that will intrigue all who will see it...