Frequently asked questions


Your sculpture will be posted within 5 weeks after payment, usually within 21 days.The conversion of image to printable sculpture has to be done manually. The details (like facial expression) have to be drawn by hand. That takes time. I always push and try to be as quick as possible.

Please contact me if you need a sculpture with a delivery time within 5 weeks.

Other options

What kind of materials do you offer?

Acrylic and stainless steel are the default materials used.

I can produce the sculptures in different shapes, sizes and materials:
Most metals, gold, silver, most plastics, steel, porcelain, sandstone, aluminium etc.

Please contact me for more information.

Do you offer different sizes?

Yes, bigger sculptures are possible. Under 15 centimeter (5.9 Inch) will be difficult since you'll lose a lot of detail. Please contact me for more information.

What kind of packaging do you use?

The perspective sculptures are fastened on the base of a box. That box is shipped in a bigger one.
Shadow sculptures are shipped in a big "envelope" that fits in a box.

What kind of shipping methods do you offer?

I offer standard international postage through Royalmail (Click here for more info) I'm happy to try and post through a company of your choice. Please contact me before ordering so I can assist.


Do you sell in bulk?

Yes, I offer discounts on multiple identical sculptures. Please contact me if you are interested.