Remco Kingmans | Contemporary artist | Sculpture commission – Art by Remco Kingmans

About the artist

Remco Kingmans (1984) is an emerging multi-talented Dutch artist. His practice embraces many art forms ranging from animation, 3D printed jewelry to sculpture and public Art. Remco studied BA(Hons) Animation at the University of the West of England and has now made Bristol his home.

He has collaborated with Pete Moorhouse on Public Art projects and Pete is now working with Remco to support his larger sculptural work and guarantee great quality and safety. Please click here to find out more about Pete Moorhouse.

Remco took a year long course 3D producer at The College of Multimedia before studying animation. This enabled Remco to implement high standards of animation quality in his (rather funny) graduation project in character animation. Click the picture above to see this project on Youtube.

After graduation Remco Kingmans started working as a freelance animator. Aside from that he specialized in designing 3D printed objects. He created a large variety of objects, sculptures and jewelry before developing the custom made sculptures as seen on this website. 



Iconic pictures