Personalised illusion straight lines

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Modern art illusion made from you picture.

Sculpture, wall and window art:
These artworks are delivered ready to use as stand-alone sculptures with home-made stands. A homemade spacer and screw makes it ready to hang on a wall. Or hang it on windows or tiles with a specialised suction cup with screw. 

A5: 15 * 21 centimetres or 5.8 * 8.3 inches. 
A4: 21 x 30 centimetres or 8.3 x 11.7 inches.

Wood: Handpainted with a transparent, dark varnish. The details in the wood are still visible.
Metal: Handpainted with a specialised primer and two coats of black paint. The stainless steel is suitable for outside. 

Free worldwide shipping. 
Shipped within 4 weeks with a parcel courier like UPS or FEDEX.

Click here to send your pictures or simply wait for my email!

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